Weatleyco Residence

Weatleyco Residence

This is a contemporary residential project which focuses on maximising the relationship between light-filled spacious interiors and the predominantly sun-drenched outside. It embodies elements of modern architecture, but is not constrained by a precise definition – in that way it is unique in style and composition.

Very much ‘of today’ the extensive use of full-height glass and accessibility to outdoor facilities extends living areas to embrace the large balconies and all the pleasures of the gardens, and take full advantage of the expansive views.

The project comprises two villas set in their own grounds, together with a low-rise apartment block with landscaped gardens and communal leisure facilities.

Conceived as a high-value, high-life development, the specifications dictated the extensive use of premium materials throughout. At every level – price, performance, functionality, environmental – no effort was spared to capitalise on the opportunity to create a project that would completely satisfy owner expectations.

In a market that is dominated by often ornate, run-of-the-mill construction, the emphasis here was to create a ‘modern’ feel by integrating the ideals of the machine age: ornamentation-free; steel and concrete; extensive use of glass; facades of steel, natural timber, and stone over a plain white core, and open living areas.

The target market is split. Apartments are essentially geared to address the expectations of young, upwardly-mobile professionals; although the style and quality will also appeal to a more mature clientele looking for carefree luxury. The two villas cater for the demands of achievers and their families; people who have already clearly defined views on what they want in life. Designs and configurations are in keeping with the needs of a private, contemporary lifestyle in a luxurious environment.

With a growing demand amongst non-EU citizens for either permanent residency status or full Cypriot citizenship, with this project we have created a perfect investment vehicle which will adequately form part of the financial criteria required to achieve either.

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